Drawing upon a unique skill set as an artist, gallerist, and respected interior designer, James Yarosh brings his curated perspectives and trademark ability of integrating art and design into the homes of his art collector and high-end interior design clientele throughout New York, New Jersey and beyond. A “curated maximalist,” world traveler, and history enthusiast who has studied the design of major art museums, Yarosh employs his industry experience and network of international artists to capitalize on the synergy he brings to his work. With a discerning eye for balance and scale, his art-forward approach to his personal and professional life directly reflects his immense respect for the industry.

The James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery is located one hour outside Manhattan in Holmdel, New Jersey, was established in 1996 and remains loyal to representing fine art, curating gallery collections, and thoughtfully presenting art and interior design specifications through an artist’s vision and understanding. Yarosh has received national acclaim for presenting Russian fine art collections and recognizing significant art movements in their infancy. Today, the gallery continues advocating for artists of merit and showcasing what is great in the arts – recent New York art fair participation and University guest curator roles have had Yarosh advocating for the revisiting of women artists of the 20th century with a string of gallery exhibits including the 2024 HER STORY presentation of artists Miriam Beerman (1923- 2022) and Sheba Sharrow (1926-2006)