Photography by Patricia Burke

A Designer/Gallery Owner creates a home
Office that reflects his client's career
'Self-Portrait' in Yellow & Silver"

The egg-yolk yellow drapes, framed by a cornice of silver moiré' fabric, are a burst of bold color in this home office. Sheers with applique's of swans sit behind the drapes. Designer James Yarosh came up with the yellow and silver palette as a fitting reflection of his client's career as the head of a tanning equipment company. A contemporary chrome yellow file cabinet behind the desk is functional and also strikes up a playful note to compliment the formality of the French desk. A curved wall at right is covered in a reflective silver foil paper and hung with family photos. Two patterned abstracts in yellow sit atop a tea cart, Yarosh added them to the room's eclectic mix of art to complement the more significant pieces.