MIRIAM BEERMAN (1923 - ) Acclaimed American Artist: Brutal. Unyielding. Intense. Deep. Miriam Beerman's paintings and drawings will have a grip on your eyes and capture your psyche. Her work is an important part of darkness, and at times, humor we often find on the back burner of our lives in a complex society. Ms. Beerman, twice a Fulbright Fellowship winner, is a ninja on canvas and paper. She has exhibited in some of the most prestigious museums and galleries all over the world. With a big dose of unforgettable, Ms. Beerman's indelible mark runs smack into an eternal Weltschmertz. Fierce and melancholy, as well as colorful, cheerful abstracts, are like angel and devil each engaged in an unrelenting war. In fact, her works are honest to the point of universal recognition. Said Ms. Beerman, "I'm reflecting the fear and tremblings of the 20th and 21st centuries. The issues are [global] in time. So it is that morality tales die hard." Some of her images, she added, "such as 'The Ritual of My Legs' and 'Existential Man,' even scare me and I tried not to look at them for years. I was a little afraid to expose them to the world." Perhaps artists including Francis Bacon and Willem De Kooning felt the same way, but were unafraid their images had the strength to withstand whatever any viewer had in mind. So moving are Ms. Beerman's images that they, too, have the strength to the intellectual art-lover. Most definitely an intellectual artist, Ms. Beerman studied at the famed Art Students League in New York, the Rhode Island School of Design, the New School of Social Research and the Pratt Graphic Center, both in New York, and 10 years in Paris, France, at the Atelier 17 of Wiliam Stanley Hayter. She was awarded many grants for her work throughout the United States. Of particular note: Ms. Beerman received one of the first one-woman exhibitions in the history of The Brooklyn Museum. A former resident of Upper Montclair, NJ, Ms. Beerman's work, also includes print-making, collage, pastel, illustration, monotypes and other mediums. She married Julian F. Jaffe, American historian, who died of a heart attack in 1973. Her son, William Jaffe, champions his now 97-year-old mother's art to this day, and gave her grandchildren to love. "People see my 'Shower' and think I'm some kind of ogre," she said. But to see and talk to her presents a lovely face, a soft, dulcet voice, and petite elegance. Such an irony considering her art and activism rooted in Judaism, particularly the Holocaust, the Vietnam War and other striking conflicts in the world, people understand how her art breathes fire and voracity. She said she's "enlivened by painting, a stimulation that is both "energizing and exhausting." Of her many series of scream-worthy works, she portrays beasts and insects with human heads, a creative combination of humans and animals that poetically may shoot through the viewer's head causing trephination and enduring contemplation. Where are these myriad characteristics to be discovered? Ms. Beerman's works are in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum, Whitney, LACMA, Brooklyn Museum, Phillips Collection, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Corcoran Collection, Victoria & Albert Museum (London) and Fitzwilliam Museum (Cambridge University, England), Whitney Museum of American Art, the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, the Squibb company in Minneapolis, the New Jersey State Museum, the Newark. Morris, and Brooklyn museums, as well as the Andrew Dickson White Museum in Elmira, New York, and many other venues. The works at the James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery in Holmdel, NJ, mainly "Shower" and "Nothing Has Changed," are rife with seriousness, sorrow, and contemplative faces on mystifying and colorful complex backgrounds. Among us, Miriam Beerman continues to be a guru of emotion, power and excitement to the sophisticated viewer. ---Tova Navarra - Artist, Art Historian and Author

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MIRIAM BEERMAN, Shower II, 1999, 68in x 60in, oil on canvas/ Mixed Media

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MIRIAM BEERMAN, Nothing Has Changed, 1999, 68in x 67in, oil on canvas/ Mixed Media

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MIRIAM BEERMAN, Ritual of My Legs (After Neruda series), 1974, 52in x 58in, oil on canvas

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MIRIAM BEERMAN, Ghost II (Installation Fragment), 2006, 80in x 60in, oil on paper/ Mixed Media

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MIRIAM BEERMAN, Untitled - Mirror Portrait (Installation Fragment), 2006, 59in x 43in, Mixed Media/ Plastic on paper


MIRIAM BEERMAN, Untitled (Installation Fragment on black paper), 31in x 41in, Mixed Media/ Plastic on paper

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Miriam Beerman - Expressing the Chaos - Documentary - Now streaming on Amazon Prime & Youtube

JACOB LANDAU (1917-2001)

Jacob Landau, whose art is housed in The Whitney (NY), MOMA,(NY) The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY), Noyes Museum,(NJ), N J State Museum (Trenton, NJ), Philadelphia Museum of Art (PA) ,Woodmere Art Museum,(PA) National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, to name a few, holds a powerful place in the field of art, in particular, printmaking. He was a master of this challenging technique and developed this unique art to include many suites of delicately cut prints that still convey the power of his subject matter. Landau used his artwork as a flag to portray a future if we are not careful as human beings of what we feed and foster in life. James Yarosh Associates is proud to continue representation of an artist of great artistic merit.

JY-JacobLandau_Thumbnails_0002_Jacob Labdau_Paintings_JY_6


JY-JacobLandau_Thumbnails_0001_Jacob Labdau_Paintings_JY_7


JY-JacobLandau_Thumbnails_0005_Jacob Labdau_Paintings_JY_3


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JACOB LANDAU, Dante and Beatrice

JY-JacobLandau_Thumbnails_0003_Jacob Labdau_Paintings_JY_5


JY-JacobLandau_Thumbnails_0007_Jacob Labdau_Paintings_JY_1


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Originally from Odessa, Ukraine, Iliya immigrated to the United States in the early 1990's with his family. From a young age Iliya pursued training in the arts in the Russian academic tradition. He studied in LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and Performing Art and in the Bridgeview School of Fine Arts in New York under the tutelage of professors trained in the art academies of the former Soviet Union. Iliya studied in St. Petersburg, Russia in the prestigious I.E. Repin State Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture from which he received his Masters of Fine Arts degree in painting. He has been recipient of a number of prestigious scholarships and awards both in the United States and in Russia, winning the "First Place" award in the American Portrait Society's International Portrait Competition. He was also awarded the first place in the IconBay sculpture competition, where he was picked to execute his design for a large outdoor sculptural installation in Miami. In 2014, Iliya was selected to be an instructor for Dacia Gallery's Artist Residency Program in Sibiu, Romania. In 2018, Iliya began a teaching position at the Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and is also currently featured as a fine art instructor on the New Masters Academy instruction website.

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JY annunciation Iliya


JY ILIYA Paintings 1-2-3


JY ILIYA Paintings 1-2-3_2


JY ILIYA Paintings 1-2-3_1


narazyan web3-1

ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Old Letters, 2013, 64in x 36in, oil on canvas

narazyan web2

ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Portrait of the artist Artyom Nosov, 2013, 30in x 66in,

narazyan web

ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Draft for a Contemporary Love Poem, 2014-5,


ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Fathers and Sons, 2014-5, 50in x 70in, oil on canvas


ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Fathers and Sons, 2014-5, 50in x 70in, oil on canvas

narazyan web69

ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Mudcracked Houses, 2014-5, 39in x 48in, oil on canvas


ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Where they have Burned Books, 2014-5, 48in x 60in, oil on canvas


ILIYA MIROCHNIK, A Mask of Bone and Iron Lines, 2014-5, 48in x 60in, oil on canvas


ILIYA MIROCHNIK, About Suffering they were Never Wrong", 2014-5, 43in x 48in, oil on canvas

narazyan web68

ILIYA MIROCHNIK, Crystalline Petropolis, 2014-5, 39in x 48in, oil on canvas

narazyan web67

ILIYA MIROCHNIK, War is Simple like a Monument, 2014-15, 37in x 60in, oil on canvas


Narazyan's epic and intimate paintings are arguably amongst the most important works to surface and still develop from the repression of the former Soviet Union. With a style blending old-world images with futuristic visions, the artist creates a world of mystery and enchantment for the viewer to explore. Narazyan, born 1957 in Kislovodsk, Russia and currently residing in the Ukraine, graduated Kharkiv Art Institute and developed a style underground, now coined romantic fantasy, as part of the historical Non-conformist Art Movement. Today, the artist's work is represented in museum and private collections around the world including the Zimmerli Art Museum's Dodge Collection.

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VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Between Heaven and Earth, 2018, 41in x 39.5in, oil on canvas

narazyan web13

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Between Heaven and Earth series, 33in x 43in, oil on canvas

narazyan web12

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Sun Angel – Carousel, 2016, 51in x 39.5in, oil on canvas

narazyan web11

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Dreams and Chimeras, 2018, 37in x 43in, oil on canvas

narazyan web10

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Trinity, 2012, 43in x 37.5in, oil on canvas

narazyan web9

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Big Sky, 2014, 39in x 35in, oil on canvas

narazyan web6

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Grey Horse and Rider - Girl- Barrier, 2016, 43in x 37in, oil on canvas

narazyan web5

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Grey Horse and Rider – Boy, Taming, 2016, 39.25in x 35.5in, oil on canvas

narazyan web4

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Small Victory, 2005, 7.75in x 13.5in, oil on canvas

narazyan web3

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Golden Victory- 35in x 33in, oil on canvas

narazyan web

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Caprice, 1997, 27in x 27in, oil on canvas- original Caprice painting- Framed- Available only at gallery


JY02-VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Ladies and Clowns, 2008, 23.25in x 27.25in, oil on canvas

narazyan web2

VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Flight into Egypt theme, 1991, 35in x 38.5in, oil on canvas- Framed -Available only at gallery


JY01-VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Between Heaven and Earth, 2018, 41in x 39.5in, oil on canvas


JY03-VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Manuto Landscape, 2003, 21.5in x 27.5in, oil on canvas


Sheba Sharrow (1926 - 2006): Sharrow was an artist with eyes wide open. Her expressionist paintings are masterful and refined, engaging us with mortality and desire, vulnerability and power, warfare and spirituality.

As an artist, figurative painter Sheba Sharrow bore witness to human suffering, struggle and liberation. She was a child of the Great Depression and World War II, a participant in the social justice movements of the 1960s and '70s, saw the bloody roads walked for civil rights and the damages wrought by wars.

Born in Brooklyn in 1926 to Russian-Jewish immigrant parents, Sheba Sharrow grew up in Chicago and earned her BFA at the Art Institute of Chicago, studying with Boris Anisfeld and Joseph Hirsch. She continued her studies at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and earned an MFA at the Tyler School of the Arts at Temple University. She has been considered part of the "Chicago School" of imagist painters, fitting generationally into the "Monster Roster" group of artists from that city, including the most well-known of her classmates to lead the charge of image and ideas over pure abstraction, Leon Golub and Nancy Spero. Sharrow died in 2006.

Sharrow's unique style of storytelling and her occasional use of poetic text stand her apart. Her artistic intentions were deeply intellectual. "As long as the world is going the way it is going, I cannot stop doing what I have been doing," Sharrow told The New York Times in 2002. She lamented, "We cannot seem to get it right.

Through a vigorous and poetic hand, her work reflects on brutality and simultaneously pays homage to the animating power of solidarity, warning us: Remember, history's tragedies repeat.

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SHEBA SHARROW, Balancing Act, 1993, 74 x 111 inches, acrylic on canvas


SHEBA SHARROW, Balancing Act II, 1992, 60 x 84 inches, mixed media on Arches paper


SHEBA SHARROW, Erano Cento, 2006, 60 x 72 inches, acrylic on canvas


SHEBA SHARROW, Bound Figure, 1995, 74 x 51 inches, mixed media on Arches paper


SHEBA SHARROW, Trapeze, 2004, 60 x 48 inches, mixed media on Arches paper


SHEBA SHARROW, Ahkmatova's Troubled Sleep, 1995, 42 x 36 inches, acrylic on canvas

Moto perpetuo

SHEBA SHARROW, Moto Perpetuo, 2006, 50 x 64 inches, acrylic on canvas

Three Graces

SHEBA SHARROW, Three Graces, 1992, 63 x 87 inches, acrylic on canvas

Love in the time of death

SHEBA SHARROW, Love In The Time Of Death, 1995, 60 x 52 in, mixed media on paper

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SHEBA SHARROW, Man is a Wolf to Man, 2005, 48 x 58 inches, acrylic on canvas

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 3.31.34 PM

SHEBA SHARROW, Astride, 1988, 60 x 58 inches, mixed media on Arches paper

JY Sheba acrylic

SHEBA SHARROW, DOG, 2005, 72 x 60 inches, acrylic on canvas

Screen Shot 2021-02-27 at 3.27.45 PM

SHEBA SHARROW, Millennial Dream, 1995, 56in x 76in, acrylic on canvas


Although Socialist Realism suppressed the influences of contemporary artistic movements within itself, Socialist Realism fostered its own unique diversity. Russian artists, like the masters before them, expressed themselves not by evolving to meet artistic movements of their time, but by becoming the absolute best within their specific painting genres. Russian Realism painting, based in part on the studied principles of French Impressionism, developed and honed plein-air academic painting ideals under a closed society for generations; it is now becoming discovered and lauded by the Western world. Achieving excellence through complete artistic integrity and ultimate devotion to their "Immortal Beloved"—the art of painting—artists of Moscow's School of Russian Realism exhibit distinct perception of color and outstanding color relationships that trademark their pedigree of traditional Russian painting. The works in this collection represent the paintings the artists created from their hearts, in their free time. At these moments, they painted for themselves, to find the truth and beauty in their subjects; in turn, they found their greatness. These are painter's paintings. Russian Realism art has created a lasting legacy and a universal connection beyond its origins and is considered to be one of the most important realism movements of the 20th century.

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