"Yarosh like many great interior designers is part illusionist and part alchemist. The maximalists Tony Duquette and Juan Pablo Moyneux come to mind. I consider Yarosh a curated maximalist. His trained eye knows which stylish periods marry well together - such as Directoire and Art Moderne - and that they do not compete with the art being exhibited. Art as his focus of choice is an elegant way to approach the interior design process."

- Noelle Newell, WSImag.com

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About James Yarosh Associates

Established in 1996, the James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery in Holmdel was founded upon and remains loyal to its vision: to represent fine art for art's sake and to curate gallery collections and thoughtfully present art with an artist's eye and understanding. As a gallery owner, Yarosh has received national critical acclaim for presenting Russian fine art collections and recognizing significant art movements in their early stages. Drawing upon both international and regional resources, Yarosh represents a variety of artistic voices of our times by showcasing the works of both new and established, museum-recognized, artists of merit in a space designed to replicate the intimacy of an artist's home.

Photos by Patricia Burke - James Yarosh 2020