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April 2018 London - The Tate Britian - All Too Human - Bacon, Freud and a Century of Painting Life

All Too Human celebrates the painters in Britain who strove to represent human figures, their relationships, and surroundings in the most intimate of ways.

This was such an exciting exhibit at the Tate Britian museum and an important show for all current painters whose subjects are portraits of the figure.

What made this exhibit interesting was how it represented artists of our lifetime over the last 100 years, all of whom chose to paint their own artist biographies--portraits of people and subjects that gave meaning to all parts of their daily lives. The exhibited works were not chosen by style, but by this subject, to offer each artist's own individual conversations.  

For me, this was such an obvious choice for the curation of an exhibit, as it is not far from how I choose art to exhibit in my gallery: I select works from artists of our times that connect and tell stories with their paintings--all with their own voices to share. The artists I choose all help me give a voice to the arts; they help me tell the story of how my gallery defines quality and beauty.

All Too Human: The Lucian Freud room

All Too Human:  Francis Bacon on exhibit

All Too Human:  Jenny Saville and Celia Paul on exhibit

All Too Human:  Paula Rego on exhibit


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