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Vachagan Narazyan



Preview our most current collection of Narazyan paintings after the artists 2015 gallery visit and painting demo. Says Yarosh, "Narazyan is unique in that he has honed his skill through academic training in the arts, but that ability is equally matched with his imagination, from which he creates a world of paintings that are very much his own vision."

Narazyan's epic and intimate paintings are arguably amongst the most important works to surface and still develop from the repression of the former Soviet Union. With a style blending old-world images with futuristic visions, the artist creates a world of mystery and enchantment for the viewer to explore. Narazyan, born 1957 in Kislovodsk, Russia and currently residing in the Ukraine, graduated Kharkiv Art Institute and developed a style underground, now coined romantic fantasy, as part of the historical Non-conformist Art Movement. Today, the artist's work is represented in museum and private collections around the world including the Zimmerli Art Museum's Dodge Collection. Our Gallery is proud to offer the paintings of Narazyan's artistic genius.

Please visit or contact the gallery direct for current availability and prices. Artist Catalog is available upon request.

#1 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Sun Angel - Carousel, 2016, 39-1/2in x 51in, oil on canvas

#2 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Grey Horse and Rider - Girl - Barrier, 2016, 37in x 43in, oil on canvas

#3 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Grey Horse and Rider - Boy- Taming, 2016, 35-1/2in x 39-1/4in, oil on canvas

#4 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Manuto Landscape, 2003, 27-1/2in x 21-1/2in, oil on canvas

#5 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Tower - The Main Landscape, 2016, 21-1/2in x 24-1/4in, oil on canvas

#6 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Blue Girl - Persona, 2016, 27-1/2in x 29-1/2in, oil on canvas

#7 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, Trinity, 2012, 37-1/2in x 43in, oil on canvas

#8 VACHAGAN NARAZYAN, A Playful Kiss, 2015, 15in x 18in, oil on canvas

JY) A. "Big Sky", 2014, 35in x 39in, oil on canvas

JY) B. "Ladies and Clowns", 2008, 27.25in by 23.25in, oil on canvas- 16

JY) C. "Barricade", 2009, 23.5in by 17.5in, oil on canvas

JY) D. "Grand Shapito", 2015, 51in x 47.5in, oil on canvas

JY) E. "Trapeze ", 2012, 54.75in by 21.5in, oil on canvas

JY) F. "Pool Player", 2006, 23.5in by 27.25in, oil on canvas

JY) G. "Three Figures", 2009, 11.5in by 9.75in, oil on canvas

JY) H. "Over the Shoulder", 2014, 11.5in x 11.5in, oil on canvas

JY) I. "Courtyard", 2012, 15.5in by 12.5in, oil on canvas

JY) J. "Gryphon", 2008, 9.75in by 7.25in, oil on canvas - 3.6

JY) K. "Angel Series", 2014, 19.5in x 17.5in, oil on canvas

JY) L. "Carnival", 2012, 9.25in by 14in, oil on canvas

JY) M. "Balancing Act", 2013, 29.5in by 27.5in, oil on canvas - 12

JY) N. "Small Victory", 2005, 7.75in x 13.5in, oil on canvas

JY) O. "Knife Sharpener", 2009, 9.75in by 11.5in, oil on canvas

JY) P. "Park", 2009, 27.25in by 29.25in, oil on canvas

JY) Q. "Grey/Blue Horizontal", 2010, 31in x 8in, oil on canvas

JY) R. "Pair", 1995, 15.5in by 19.25in, oil on canvas - 5.5

Works on Paper:

JY) 01. "Ladder Sketch", 2016, 10.75in by 7.25in, mixed media on paper

JY) 02. "Character Study", 2016, 6.75in by 11.75in, mixed media on paper

JY) 03. "Horse Travel Study", 2016, 8.25in by 5.75in, mixed media on paper

JY) 04. "Grand Rider", 2016, 8in by 10.5in, mixed media on paper

JY) 05. "Shapito Study", 2016, 3in by 3.5in, mixed media on paper

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