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Commissioned Vachagan Narazyan Diptych Continues Artist’s Ladder Theme

In this elegant fireplace installation, this commissioned work by Non-Conformist artist Vachagan Narazyan continues the artist’s ladder theme with a fascinating depiction of the human journey to excellence.

In a symbolic illustration of the two paths to personal goals and spiritual growth, the two sides of this diptych painting come together as an invitation from the artist for the viewer to catch a glimpse of his or her own path to individual fulfillment.

The central figure, on the left canvas, is the magical and precocious representation of the artist’s own daughter, riding horseback as she courageously leads the way in this painting’s vertical path to enlightenment.   Guided by a good and spiritual man, represented by the mysterious, yet soothing masked and robed figure on the right canvas, Narazyan’s daughter


embarks on her own quest for inner peace, all the while encouraged by her brother, Nazaryan’s son, riding horseback behind his sister on the left canvas. 

As they mirror the ladder-like journey of personal and spiritual growth in this work, we see the figures of the children as they rise from a low and murky place, to a beautiful vantage point of clarity and understanding. 

In their powerful and enchanting blend of mystery and wonder, Vachagan Narazyan’s works are among the most significant to emerge from the former Soviet Union.  Born in Russia in 1957, Narazyan continues to produce acclaimed pieces from his home in the Ukraine, which are featured in museums and private collections around the globe. James Yarosh Associates is proud to represent this esteemed Non-Conformist artist.