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Olivia's Circle Charity Update – Thank you for sharing our dream.
The Olivia Newton-John Cancer Center forms partnership with the  Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins, USA
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James Yarosh Associates reaches Olivia’s Circle Bronze Level of donation.
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"When looking back over the last ten plus years as an art dealer, one of my most prideful accomplishments has been giving back as part of my vision of success for the gallery.  Charitable fundraising can sometimes be very thankless without the miracle of sharing little moments with like minds that aren't afraid to be more visible and a little vulnerable for a greater good. As one person hoping to fuel those who can fundraise and make a difference on a greater scale, I would like to become even more carefree with my support. I am grateful to artists like Olivia Newton-John who have the amazing ability to inspire."  James Yarosh  

A collection of invitations, snapshots and clippings from the past two years of gallery fund raising on behalf of the ONJCC charity with support of the vision of treating the whole person, not just the disease with the treatment of illness.
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