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The Moscow School of Realism - Save the Date December 8th - 9th 2007

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Nikita Fedosov
When I first became aware of the artwork coming out of Russia in 1998, I shifted the direction of my gallery and began collecting Russian work despite the initial surprised reactions of my clientele.  I trusted my eyes.  I once offered artists like Zabelin for a fraction of what they sell for today and it was an uphill sale until shows like Russia! at the Guggenheim and New York auction houses took notice.  Now I bring in Zabelins just for clients to have the opportunity to see his work outside of books and to support my bi-annual gallery trunk shows. It is an art dealer’s  and collector’s dream to perhaps be part of a movement that has all the potential to establish master artists within the collections, and then offer their work within in our lifetime on a gallery level.    It’s a very exciting and possibly a history making time for Russian art and collectors have begun to realize it. 

Please inquire or visit the gallery to view current collections of artists from The Moscow School of Russian Realism including artists Nikita Fedosov, Yuri Kugach,  Poiter Maltsev and Vyacheslav Zabelin