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James Yarosh Associates Announces “Paying Forward”

Holmdel, NJ- As a tribute to the noble traits of fine artists who create visual literacy, October at James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery will feature “Paying Forward” a variety of thought-provoking works including photography, assemblage and mixed media works representative or our time.

“One of the greatest triumphs of art throughout history is its ability to impact the way we view the world around us. We want to recognize the honesty and strength of character of fine artists who express their true selves in their work,” said James Yarosh, gallery owner.

Opening on October 13 and 14 with extended weekend hours from Noon to 4p.m., “Paying Forward” will highlight the work of talented and emerging artists Alexander Conner, Delia Kovac, Christopher Louie, and Natalie McKeever will be included in the month-long event. “We are pleased to see the continuation of visual literacy through these rising artists,” said Yarosh.

Conner, featured as part of several recent New Jersey exhibitions, enjoys focusing on shared memories and examining them from a protective objectivity. By adding captions of text to images Conner redefines the viewer’s interaction with them. “Paying Forward” will include Conner’s work in the intimate medium of Polaroid as emulsion photography.

Kovac is recognized for her ability to metaphorically link art objects to the larger world around them. In a Deleuzian style, Kovac makes new associations and meanings through perceived “ruptures”. Continuously influenced by her intense training as a printmaker, Kovac, who holds a Master’s of Fine Art degree from Rutgers University, investigates feminist and sexual utopias and personal sovereignty in urban spaces. She has participated in numerous exhibitions worldwide including The London Bi-Annual in London, England.

Louie challenges viewers of his work to step away from familiarity through the presentation of textures, simple shapes, and everyday objects and blurring the lines between pure aesthetics and the absurd. Louie, while pursuing a Bachelor’s of fine art at Rutgers University, recently presented work in “Art in the Mediums of Cardboard and Photocopy: New Brunswick's Past and Present, in New Brunswick, NJ.

McKeever’s performance for video piece, "Learning Modern Dance From a Book (16 Times)", features McKeever, without previous modern dance experience, as she attempts to teach herself basic modern dance moves from a tutorial book. The piece proposes the idea of learning as performance, and humorously mimics the aesthetics of the book's diagrams. McKeever has presented video works in several exhibitions including "Women in Magmart," a 2007 show in Naples, Italy.

In a nod to both truth in art and a charitable cause of great pride to the gallery,

a portion of the proceeds from “Paying Forward” will benefit the Olivia Newton John Cancer Centre as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery offers the personal service of a suburban gallery coupled with all the benefits that a location just an hour outside New York City has to offer. The gallery is open every Saturday from Noon to 4p.m., and evenings by appointment. (732)-332-0056.