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James Yarosh Associates Gallery Holiday Open House
Portrait of an Artist

As an art dealer and an artist I have always enjoyed the insight seen in artists’ self portraits. Having spent my entire working career in the arts, I know that the very best works of art come from the artist’s heart. For this reason, I have decided to share my own portrait using the medium of my home's interior design, which includes my personal art collection of twenty some years as part of this year’s Holiday Open House series of shows and events.
It is often said that art is personal. Just as the work of an artist is undoubtedly personal to him or her, so too is inviting someone to come into your home to help you select artwork for your daily, and private living spaces. Since I opened my gallery in 1996, my clients have trusted me and welcomed me into their homes, which has allowed me the luxury of conducting my business relationships as friendships. In the wake of such kindness, I thought it might be nice to reciprocate the invitations I have received over the years from clients and the interior design community by sharing with kindred spirits my own very personal thoughts on living with art and the idea that a home should be a reflection of an individual’s balance of beauty, warmth and welcome.
I hope you will enjoy the features recently published in the Holiday 2007 DesignNJ and the upcoming January 2008 national magazine, Art & Antiques, as I am grateful for their forum to share the story of my career thus far.
With the Season upon us, consider this note your invitation to visit the gallery for our  Holiday Open House 2007 with extended hours Saturday and Sunday from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m., December 1 -23,  as well as the Annual Fine Art Trunk Show featuring The Moscow School of Russian Realism December 8 and 9, co-hosted with art historian John Wurdeman.  Weekdays and evenings, as always, by appointment.