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Located in the former 1917 loft at 45 Main Street, Holmdel, New Jersey 732.993.5278
james yarosh
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James Yarosh

Yarosh, an artist and well-published interior designer who honed his eye for selecting and representing artists by managing galleries in Manhattan and New Jersey, offers a full-scale gallery and design center where clients can associate with other like-minded individuals to celebrate art and the talents that create it. As a designer, Yarosh travels the world, studying how the greatest museums display their art, and visits artist's homes to understand how the artists themselves live with their art. This study on both grand and small scale, helps inform Yarosh's work with his clients. His unique approach has led to his designs being featured in regional and national magazines. In addition, his experience in large-scale residential design projects of over 20,000 square feet earned him a guest appearance on HGTV.

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