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James Yarosh Associates would like to thank our gallery friends and clients for their generous sponsorship and invite others to join us towards greater gallery support of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer, Wellness  & Research Center charity. 

2018 Wellness Walk - Don't Stop Believin- A Cure in our Lifetime. 


"If you can help someone, darling, you should do it!" - Irene Newton-John
Olivia Newton-John's full speech on receipt of her Honorary Doctorate at La Trobe University


James Yarosh Associates would like to thank our gallery friends and clients for their generous sponsorship and invite others to join us towards greater gallery support of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center charity.

2017: Atttending the LIV ON charity concert in Washington DC to benefit the 40th Anniversary of Capital Carings Hospice care.

2015- The ONJCWC Wellness Walk - The Support continues:

For years I've given with great pride and to simply cheer on Olivia Newton-John as a thank-you for sharing her gift of song and for providing a path to charity with her Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center to lead in global ideas of care til there's a cure. However this year I am pledging in honor of my much adored Mom, Regina Yarosh, who showed incredible dignity and unimaginable bravery & love to lose on Dec 7, 2014 to pancreatic cancer. It's symbolic to continue sponsoring steps , from the Great Walks to Beijing to annual Wellness Walks, as we would all walk to the moon to get our loved ones back. The ideas of wellness programs to help those fighting cancer to find compassionate care within the hospital grounds to provide respite for the body, mind and spirit has new meaning beyond intellectual common sense. For example, I saw how happy my Mom was when her hospice nurse said she could do little mani/pedis when she visited my parents home and how I gladly combed NYC to find the just discontinued Chanel "Mica Rose" to know a single coat to tint helped make everything feel right and almost normal again for a moment. It's the small things individually we can all do, but collectively, it's the big things we can hope to handle together. Appealing one artist heart to another to join me again. xo, James
Sponsoring the steps of Olivia Newton-John and Michael Caprio

Above: My Mom, Regina Yarosh, in 2004 to be happily dragged along to a Livvy concert in Verona, NY and me to be smiling to have two of my favorite heroes in one room for the first time.


2013: Olivia graciously posing with the James Yarosh Associate¹s recognition paver at the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center. Please join me in supporting Olivia¹s steps for the first annual Wellness Walk by making a direct donation through the link below. With each donation, we are closer to realizing our shared goal of facilitating a global cure for cancer. The hope is that one day, these centers will only cater to wellness, not cancer.

The Wellness Walk


Olivia Newton-John and James Yarosh at the 2012 NJPAC Musical Moments fundraiser. Please use the link below to get your copy of Olivia¹s new holiday CD, This Christmas, featuring John Travolta. 100% of the artist proceeds from album purchases will benefit the Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center and the Jett Travolta Foundation. This Christmas Charity CD

Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Center Charity Meet & Greets

MOre - ONJCWC- Thank-you for being a friend

Michal Sparks - Just Wait

"James Yarosh Associates Fine Art & Design Gallery has been a long term and regular supporter of the Centre.  Based in the USA, having received critical acclaim for his fine art collections on an international scale James continues to actively support the Cancer and Wellness Center through his fine art community."

Michal Sparks - Just Wait

Gallery fundraisers in review
Order 'LivWise' charity cookbook
Magic 2011 Charity Single via Itunes

Olivia's Circle Update- 2010 Charity Drive
A special thank you to our clients who participated in the October art promotion to sponsor the gallery's fundraising efforts on behalf of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center charities.  Proudly, we are raising our 'Bronze' level another $5,267.00, aiming towards our current goals of  'Silver' Olivia's Circle status for  Please contact the gallery for additional information and to join our fundraising efforts that support charity through the arts.

2008- "Paying Forward" photo image by Alexander Conner

2010-50/50 Decorative Art Event
Special thanks to Jeanine Pennell for her participation via
frame of mind

Great Walk to Beijing 2008 Charity Drive
Appreciate Art- Appreciate Life: As a proud Olivia's Circle member and supporter of the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, invites you to share in sponsorship for a very visionary and ambitious charity event supporting integrative medicine and a global sharing of research towards a cure and information sharing partnership which includes the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Centre, The Ludwig Institute and the Kimmel Center. The Great Walk, a 21 day event, is a 228 km walk along theGreat Wall of China leading up to the site of the upcoming Beijing Olympics.
great walk

2007 - 'Celebrating Beauty' event with Georgette Klinger Salon, Short Hills

2007- Special thanks to Steven Froias and the Tri-City News for their generous editorial support.



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