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Established in 1996, James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery
is located in the second floor loft space of the former 1917 firehouse
at 45 E. Main Street (Rt.520) in Historic Holmdel Village, NJ 07733
Entrance on the inside corner of building & additional parking lots in the rear.

Open Saturday 12-4pm. Weekday & evenings hours scheduled by appointment
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Jacob Landau and James Yarosh at the 1998 Monmouth University Museum Show

2002 SHOW IN REVIEW: Jacob Landau; 1917 – 2001 Larger than Life

Have you ever just connected with a painting – recognizing it as possibly something beyond your current understanding but at the same time as important, a parcel of greatness? As you continued viewing this painting, you didn’t know why, but it intrigued and riveted you. Perhaps it was color, composition, or intangible facet that only an artist and creativity can explore and bring to life on a blank canvas. Soon you realized this singular work was only one in an immense body of work almost unfathomable as an achievement, one forever recorded as a diary of a single artist’s life. The artist is Jacob Landau.
            The artwork of Jacob Landau, 1917-2001, will be featured at James Yarosh Associates, in Holmdel, NJ with an opening reception and lecture on Sunday, October 13th, 2002, from 12 to 4 p.m. The public is cordially invited to attend. Original paintings, pastels, and drawings, including many previously unseen works, will be exhibited during this special show and sale.
            Landau, born in Philadelphia and recognized at an early age for his artistic talent, enjoyed a successful career as an illustrator and professor at Pratt University. A longtime resident of Roosevelt, a Monmouth County hamlet known for its aesthetic population, Landau was a self-described humanist who felt a need and the destiny. To communicate his consciousness of humankind’s predicament – it’s beauty and it’s horror – through his art. Drawing from literary and sometimes biblical references, Landau eloquently illustrated the dual nature of humanity, often presenting unpopular images in hope of peoples’ recognition of their free will choices. He emphasized our ability to transcend struggles and rise to the unlimited possibilities of peace and greater understanding. An artist never content to merely observe, Landau used his art as both a weapon and a flag with keen sensitivity, compassion and intelligence. He vented difficult issues and gave evil a face so that the viewer would come to know that face and overcome it. In Landau’s life and his prolific legacy of work lie true testament of his perceived moral obligation and his artistic genius.
            As host of the first gallery exhibit of Landau’s art since his death in November 2001, gallery owner James Yarosh explained, “I was introduced to Jacob and his artwork when I was in my early twenties. As a young artist working in a gallery by day and attending college at night, I was so inspired by the greatness and developed vision of Landau’s art. I just knew I wanted to be part of this something so great, and I purchased three pieces. Sparked by my impatience to become a ‘great’ artist myself, I always thought that collecting was a good, quicker alternative.”
            Landau’s work is in the permanent collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitey Museum, all in New York, and the National Gallery in Washington D.C. He had also received fellowship awards from the Solomon Guggenheim Museum of Art and Tiffany.
            Rosa Giletti, director in charge of Landau’s art estate, said, “Displaying the work of Jacob Landau, particularly in a retail gallery, however critically recognized, is particularly courageous. I have undertaken the task, a labor of love, really, of cataloging and continuing the artist’s Roosevelt studio so that his legacy may carry on. Jacob was as wonderful a human being as he was an artist. I have held several events in the artist’s unique domed studio with friends and art patrons that also express similar hopes. There is just an amazing energy for those who experience and appreciate Jacob’s art.
            “James Yarosh has now not only graciously offered his beautiful gallery to properly display the work, but we will also be offering a lecture as part of the reception to continue the artist’s message and provide even more understanding and enjoyment to its collectors,” said Giletti.
            Yarosh last met with Landau at a museum show in 1998 and says the show developed very naturally and as a gradual chain of events. “I was visiting a client in Lamberville this past winter,” Yarosh said, “and they showed me two Landau drawings and asked for suggestions for framing and placement. Seeing the artist’s work was like seeing an old friend again, and I thought to myself what good taste these clients have. I decided to see if I could investigate purchasing some new pieces when I sadly learned of the artist’s passing.”
            “I began corresponding with Rosa Giletti, and we shared stories about Jacob and our love for his art. Rosa was very warm and has the formidable responsibility of overseeing Jacob’s art. We discussed how the artwork is just as poignant today as when it was created over the past 50 years. These beautifully crafted works, with academic and visionary qualities, act as a reminder of the very real and often disturbing facts of life.”
            When asked if the strong subject matter is of concern in terms of placement in his clients’ homes, Yarosh said, “I think it is easy to see that part of collecting fine art is sanctioning important thoughts and rewarding and even nurturing the precious artist of our times. I find Landau’s art comforting in that someone took on subjects responsibly and seriously. I don’t find art scary. Ignorance and hate are scary. Art is my passion – proof of beauty and insight when I come home at the end of the day. Come to think of it, it’s also part of my work day, too, thank heavens!”


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