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Established in 1996, James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery
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Marissa Parternoster installation  "Here is Your package"
James Yarosh Associates Adds Paternoster Works to Gallery Collection Holmdel, NJ— James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery recently added works by artist Marissa Paternoster to the gallery's diverse selection for 2008. Described as "smart and honest," Paternoster's work reveals complex and sobering family issues in an inviting, often cheeky manner.

James Yarosh, gallery owner, said Paternoster's work exposes deeply personal relationship issues that might be too delicate or vulnerable for viewers to explore if not for the artist's ability to address the subjects with a uniquely engaging quality and stylized vocabulary. "This artist's work shows us that art can be more than pretty pictures. Art has always offered a powerful, very centering and important truth for viewers," said Yarosh.

Paternoster is a recent graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts, with work featured in several solo and group regional exhibits including the 2006 Highland Park show, "Are We Dead Yet?," and her most recent 2008 showing, "Full Color Distro," Brooklyn, NY.

The collection of works featured at James Yarosh Associates is the ink study portion of Paternoster's recent thesis exhibit entitled "Here is your Package" which portrayed a dialogue between the artist and her mother, also an artist. Each piece in the Paternoster collection reveals single issue questions and answers, stemming from the hundreds of letters she has received from her mother who resides in a mental institution.

Paternoster said she had previously ignored the letters, not sure how to respond to the questions they contained. One specific piece in response to her mother's inquiries is titled "In the Kitchen", and depicts a woman lying on the floor in a fetal position. "They are about my family. I used my senior thesis as a way of responding to her letters." Paternoster added that by posting some pieces online, her mother was able to view them and respond. "It was a really good chance to communicate with her in a creative way," said Paternoster.

According to Yarosh, Patternoster demonstrates great insight into the response of her audience. "The artist is acutely aware of the audience reactions prompted by her work and perhaps overcompensates by offering the subject via works in a medium so unintimidating that it could be easily dismissed. This illustrates further how the subject matter is fueled by such humble offerings, however sophisticated the ‘doodle' may be, towards a visual literacy of portraying the dynamics of social acceptance," he said.

Patternoster said her work is influenced by a diverse group of artists, including Henry Darger, Basquiat, Diane Arbus, Neckface and Marcel Dzama. Yarosh selected Paternoster's work largely for its unwavering and unashamed truthfulness. "The work is everything art needs to be and is current and very real. I find it heartbreaking and humorous all at once, and I can't help but want to want to squirrel away some of these drawings for myself," he said. Yarosh added that Paternoster's work is an opportunity for collectors to experience diversity in art. "As an art dealer, I want to encourage artists to work from their heart and promote their artwork purely for the sake of art. Exposing my clients to new ways of looking at art beyond decorative norms is part of my responsibility as an artist and a dealer," he said.

Yarosh said Paternoster's works spark a combination of lively conversation and quiet reflection among viewers. "I can only imagine the cocktail conversation such pieces could offer in a home or the deepened complexity a viewer might experience as a result of adding such facets of appreciation and diversity to one's personal art collection," he said.

The Paternoster collection is currently on display at James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery, located an hour outside New York City in the Design and Fine Arts Building at 55 East Main Street, in Holmdel, NJ. Gallery hours are Saturday from 12:00 p.m. to 4 p.m., or evenings by appointment. James Yarosh Associates is a nationally-recognized art gallery which provides personalized fine art services to individuals and professional design firms for both corporate and residential projects. For more information or upcoming events, email contact information care of

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