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Established in 1996, James Yarosh Associates Fine Art Gallery
is located in the second floor loft space of the former 1917 firehouse
at 45 E. Main Street (Rt.520) in Historic Holmdel Village, NJ 07733
Entrance on the inside corner of building & additional parking lots in the rear.

Open Saturday 12-4pm. Weekday & evenings hours scheduled by appointment
732 993 5278 or 732 993 5ART

james yarosh
James Yarosh- Russian River cruise outside the Hermitage

Now is the time for Russian Art
Imagine a treasure hunt, traveling to a far away land and uncovering a century of paintings not yet seen by the world. Generations of painters skilled and trained with the same voracity that produced the talents who created world class ballet dancers, composers, and musicians. We are living in a time where most “art movements” have come and gone and are only available to be visited in museums or books. Now imagine being in a time where we currently find the art treasure of a society that have formerly been hidden because of the iron curtain that now for the first time are being investigated for art purchasing by the western world.
Since I first introduced Russia paintings in my gallery in 1997, I have remained enthusiastic and moved by this art as no other movement I have ever known. Traveling the world over to look at its’ art, I keep coming back to the artists of the Moscow School of Russian Realism. I can’t help but feeling the fever of this huge discovery of art in our time that is currently finding its place in art history. Art Curators, like John Wurdeman, are visiting master artist studios of the living and recently deceased, with a team of Russian professors and artists to cherry pick the best paintings for purchase. The fact that these potential museum works are actually available and affordable to a gallery’s clientele is nothing short of amazing.
Russian Art critics are just recognizing the giants of the last century of artists. Currently representing the last pure generation of living artists trained under Russian masters like Zabelin—these artists will stand as contemporary leaders in their fields. As the next generation of upcoming artist educated in the traditional schools of painting change dude to the new western influences in the age of computers and a shrinking world, the time is now to collect the great works of the traditional period. Being part of it, I can’t help but to feel in my heart the excitement of having the opportunity to perhaps acquire future greats of the likes of Yatsenko, Kosnichev, and Brusilov, or to invest in artists already in museums throughout Russia, like Zabelin, Koslov and the famous Kugach family and speculate on a masterpiece.
These are the things that art gallery owners & collectors dreams are made of. I invite you to join me on this journey.
- James Yarosh

James Yarosh & Barnet Cohn visiting the Hermitage in St. Petersburg Russia in 2002.
1 3 2
The Summer Palace- Note: At the time,  I was told Russians do not smile for photos, so when in St. Petersburg...
2  2 2 2
Church of the Spilled Blood
3 3 3
Peter & Paul Cathedral and Vladimir Palace
A river cruise to the Winter Palace also known as The Hermitage
5 5 5
Sculpture and ceiling detail....too many beautiful images to post let alone the huge books I carried home.
6 6 6
Catherine the Great's private French Impressionist collection said to be for her eyes only ...and the royal mice.
7 7
The exquisite frames that inspired our gallery's design in creating show frames with our expert carver for our Russian Art Collections.
8 8 8
Russian Realism painting  housed in frames inspired from a visit to Russia
9 9
Skgrafito and white gold over blue clay surrounds a Vachagan Narazyan.
10 10
The Czar's coach
The rooftop garden for the Czarina created so her view would be as beautiful on the second floor as it is on the first.  It was the most thoughtful and exquisite residence imaginable and a bit of a dream to have visited.

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